Event trivia: Operation Originium Dust

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  • Operation Originium Dust is the first collaboration event in Arknights which involves another video game franchise, and the second collaboration event in the Global server after Coexistence.
    • In the CN server, the event is the third collaboration event in Arknights, as a result of the KFC Collaboration that was held prior to the event.
  • Operation Originium Dust, then unnamed, was announced during the Thank-You Celebration Livestream on the CN server, with Tachanka as the first confirmed Team Rainbow Operator.
  • Operation Originium Dust is one of the few events in Arknights in which the Animation PV for Global servers is not narrated by the 6★ operator who debuted with the event, in this case Ash, instead being narrated by Liskarm.
  • Due to Operation Originium Dust being a crossover collaboration event, whether or not it would receive a rerun (as it was released prior to A Walk in the Dust) so that its operations would be added to the Terminal remains unknown until it was revealed during 4.5 Anniversary Thank You celebration livestream that the event will indeed receive a rerun and a sequel with new operator Fuze revealed. Prior to this players noticed that unlike other collaboration events like A Flurry to the Flame and It's Been A While Operation Originium Dust remains in the public Side Story section scene in Archive indicating that only events that will have its rerun is added there.
    • Attack, Defense, Tactical collide is the only instance where a limited crossover banner is rerun.
  • The UI design of the event homepage has references of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's UI, while the special Headhunting ticket of the event (Elite Forces Headhunting Permit) also does.
  • In the CN server, Operation Originium Dust uses an old logo of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. In the Global server, it uses a new one.