Operation guide: Broken Path

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Broken Path guide.png
#0 (Barrenland) Permanent Site
#1 (Pyrite) Rotating Site (Day 4 and 11)
#2 (Blade) Rotating Site (Day 6 and 13)
#3 (Cinder) Rotating Site (Day 1, 2, and 9)

Unlike the earlier Area 59 Ruins, Broken Path is not as difficult due to the presence of Heat Pump Passages on E3, E4, E5, E6, F4, F5, and F6, which can be used to kill the incoming enemies without relying on DPS dealers, though this require a bit of luck due to the Heat Pump Passage's randomness. There is also a Specialist Tactical Point in B8 which can be used to force enemies moving through the bottom lane into the Heat Pump Passages, making things easier.

Still, the player must watch out for the enemy lineup which is the main difficulty for the most part:

  • Rockbreakers and Rockbreaker Leaders, first seen on Heart of Surging Flame, are the most threatening enemy due to the fact that their RES is greatly increased whenever they are blocked, making Arts damage only tickles. Even worse, the Target: Stone Breaker contracts will crank up their stats by buffing their already high HP and ATK, gives them a good DEF, and makes them invisible like Lurkers and Invisible Casters, where they cannot be attacked unless when blocked! Fortunately though, the Heat Pump Passages can still damage enemies, including Rockbreakers, even when they are invisible, and certain Operators can reveal them.
  • Infused Originium Slugs, already a glaring threat in other operations they were featured in, becomes more dangerous with the Originium Zone: Slug Cardiac Fusion contracts that buffs their HP and ATK, and makes them invisible (see above); from Level 2, the Infused Originium Slugs can no longer be silenced, preventing Lappland and Waai Fu from stopping their death explosion.
  • Agents, first seen on Heart of Surging Flame, who have a melee Arts attack that temporarily reduce the block count of friendly units struck by it, so never use Operators with a block count of one. Furthermore, the Target: Infiltration Countermeasures contract will make them invisible (see above).
  • Greytails, first seen on Code of Brawl, who are protected by an Arts damage-absorbing barrier that can be made more durable with the Target: Gangster's Eye contract which significantly buffs their DEF while the barrier is up and makes them move faster once it is destroyed.