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The only surviving member of the 2nd Tempest Platoon and the only one who knows the truth behind the Hillock atrocity. This is a burden Fiona has to bear until today.

Fiona Young the cheerful Victorian Vouivre was raised up in a rural environment and had been working on her family's ranch. Later on, she joined the Victorian military, earned commendations for her service record under the codename "Bagpipe." With her excellent racial trait, she was able to become one of the high-ranking soldiers in her regiment.

However, everything in County Hillock changed her fate. Together with her regiment leader Rita, a.k.a. "Horn," and her teammates, Fiona was investigating the missing illegal Originium products in the local warehouses as well as the mysterious Dublinn that fueled the Taran separatist movement in the south. They were also suspicious of the local soldiers who kept on interrupting their job. Later on, it was revealed that they were plotting to massacre the Hillock Tarans amidst the Dublinn insurgence via Originium dirty bomb shelling, and Fiona's regiment was forcefully silenced through total annihilation. In order to bear witness, Rita ordered her to stay alive , making her one of the only survivors.

Since her early retirement after the incident, Fiona has become a nameless adventurer. She joined Rhodes Island under recommendation of her classmate Ch'en, lending her agricultural and husbandry knowledge to R.I.'s logistics department. Currently, Fiona is acting as a field combatant utilizing a "pile bunker" lance capable of firing short-ranged explosive munitions from its tip. She is also working with Ch'en to search for the clues on Dublinn and unveil the mystery behind the Hillock atrocity before finding herself involved in a bigger scheme within the chaotic palace of Londinium.

Bagpipe appears in a flashback in Episode 08 and is one of the protagonists in Episode 09 alongside Saileach and What the Firelight Casts alongside Ch'en.

Episode 09

Fiona and Jane witnessing Outcast's sacrifice while carrying Loughshinny with her
Fiona and Rita desperately fighting Mandragora in Hillock's communications tower

Dangerous Road