S-2: Ashes of A Dynasty

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Ashes of A Dynasty
Design of Strife
Formulative Battlerealm: Battlefield Core
Ashes of A Dynasty map.png
Boss: <Sverdsmeltr, Guardian Ember of the King> gains new abilities
Enemies: Base stats increased
Environment: <Lava Fissures> deal greatly increased damage and some tiles become undeployable


Unit Limit Initial DP Life Points Enemies
8 10 1 11
Terrain properties
  • The Lava Fissures erupt every 10 seconds and deals 300 Arts damage/second to friendly units and 500 Arts damage/second to enemies, lasting for 5 seconds.
  • Friendly units cannot be deployed on (to be added).


Normal Rosewood Paperweight, Gift of Magnanimity
Elite Hateful Avenger ×2, Heartbillow ×1, Bloodboil Knightclub Elite ×1, "Trilby Asher" ×1, Sarkaz Wither Maw ×2, Sarkaz Heirbearer Chain Caster Captain ×2, Reforged Retinue, Tiacauh Champion ×1
Boss Sverdsmeltr, Guardian Ember of the King
Additional information
  • All enemies (including Sverdsmeltr) have their HP and ATK increased by 30% and 10%, respectively.
  • The Bloodboil Knightclub Elite has 70000 HP, 1200 ATK, and 1500 DEF.
  • Gifts of Magnanimity have 6000 HP, are spawned from Sarkaz Heirbearer Chain Caster Captains, and excluded from the enemy counter.
  • Hateful Avengers have 60000 HP, 700 ATK, 500 DEF, 75 RES, a weight of 3, and the ATK buff at <50% HP is increased to +330%.
  • The Heartbillow has 20000 HP.
  • Sarkaz Heirbearer Chain Caster Captains have 35000 HP and 750 ATK.
  • Sarkaz Wither Maws have 70000 HP.
  • The Tiacauh Champion has 60000 HP.
  • The Trilby Asher has 55000 HP and 700 DEF.
  • Reforged Retinues and Rosewood Paperweights are spawned by Sverdsmeltr and from the Heartbillow, respectively, and excluded from the enemy counter.


DOS-Rating 0.pngBasic Restoration
(0 Immersion)
Experimental Dataset
DOS-Rating 1.pngAdvanced Emulation
(30 Immersion)
Experimental Dataset
DOS-Rating 2.pngDeep Simulation
(60 Immersion)
Experimental Dataset
DOS-Rating 3.pngCritical Reconstruction
(90 Immersion)
Experimental Dataset
DOS-Rating 4.pngConflict Reproduction
(120 Immersion)
Experimental Dataset