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Aosta the taciturn Siracusan Lupo was part of a Mafia famiglia before forming a street gang together with Chiave and Broca, and wanders through the barrenlands for a time before joining Rhodes Island. Armed with a nailgun to pepper his enemies with a barrage of nails from up close and acts as a craftsman outside combat, Aosta is seen to be the most non-nonsensical "serious guy" of the trio.


Aosta is a 5★ Spreadshooter Sniper who specializes in AoE. As a Spreadshooter Sniper, Aosta has a very short range in comparison to other Snipers, covering 1×3 tiles ahead of him with a 1-tile extension up front that is improved to 2×3 tiles ahead of him at Elite 1, but his attacks hit all enemies within that short range with the ones on the row in front of him taking 1.5× damage. He also has one of the highest HP and DEF of all Snipers, but this is an offset by having one of the highest DP cost as well – with a staggering 31 at Elite 1.


Sharp Nails cause enemies hit by Aosta's attacks who are not blocked to Bleed for a short time, during which they take Arts damage over time equal to a small portion of Aosta's ATK, which is not subjected to his trait.

  • Sharp Nails helps to compensate Aosta's slow attack rate with the Bleed damage could weaken (or even better, finish off) those who manage to survive and escape from his nail barrages.


  1. Swift Strike γ buffs Aosta's ATK and ASPD while active.
  2. Shadow Nails buffs Aosta's ATK and causes his attacks to Bind the targets as well as doubling the damage dealt by Sharp Nails' Bleed effect, but increases his attack interval while active.
    • With Shadow Nails, Aosta can both freeze enemies in place and deals more damage in each attack, even to enemies with high DEF, despite it makes him attack much slower — the slowest of all Snipers and one of the slowest of all Operators.

Base skills

Aosta's base skills improve the efficiency of upgrade material processing, particularly Polyester.png Polyester, Polyester Pack.png Polyester Pack, and Polyester Lump.png Polyester Lump, while he is assigned to the Workshop.

  1. Inspiration reduces the morale drained when an upgrade material which drains 4 morale is processed by 1.
  2. DIY Polyester increases the byproduct rate of Polyester, Polyester Pack, and Polyester Lump processing by 90%.


Aosta is a solid Spreadshooter Sniper who prefers to get up close and personal with his enemies and take them down with a burst of nails, allowing him to cause massive damage when used correctly.