Operation guide: 12-20

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The final combat operation of Episode 12, 12-20, titled Sincere Invitation, pits the player against the enraged Damazti Cluster, who must be compromised first to be able to be damaged (which is easy to do so as they are surrounded by a golden aura despite disguising as a Norport Civilian). When successfully compromised, the Cluster will join the fray with their towering HP and significant defenses, and while their ATK is somewhat lower, the Cluster attacks deals Corrosion Damage which allows them to brute force any blocking Operators! In addition to their enormous defensive stats, the Cluster can occasionally use a global-ranged attack through Derivative Iteration to the latest deployed friendly unit, can summon one additional identical clone of themself when their HP falls below a certain percentage, which can identically attacks and use Secondary Iteration, and gain 20% Physical and Arts damage reduction for each clone present, though the clones (including the Cluster themself) shares the same HP meter, meaning damaging any of them will result in damaging all of them. When the Clusrer enters the second phase, they will summon Deconstructed Distortions through Lifeline Burst above all friendly units present to deal continuously wide-ranged Corrosive damage! Also, once the Cluster's HP is halved, the Cluster will summon another clone by spawning into the latest deployed operator to render them unable to be deployed for the rest of the operation! All of this proves the Damazti Cluster to be one of the most difficult bosses in Main Story operations.

Most enemies appearing alongside the Damazti Cluster are also no pushovers, with the following proves to be the most notable threats:

  • Sarkaz Absurdist Operative: These saboteurs officers have good stats for a normal ranged enemy in addition to cutting the player's DP by 2 each time they use a ranged attack.
  • Sentry Spies: These spies who disguise themselves as a Norport Civilian boast high ATK and are invisible once compromised.
  • (Shadowing) Trilby Ashers: Personal Duke of Caster's elite guards who show their prowess with significant HP and sheer ATK that allow them to easily defeat any unprepared friendly unit on their path, and will dash past those who are strong enough to withstand their mighty attacks every 3rd attack.