Tutorial: WD-TR-1

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[A Tactical Crossbowman spawns.]
<Game paused>
Melantha There's only one enemy, Melantha... can handle this.
<Game unpaused>
[As the Tactical Crossbowman approaches Melantha, he does something on her by "marking" the Feline, causing a Scrap to spawn from the Mobile Tactical Hangar and flies toward her as the Crossbowman opens fire.]
<Game paused>
Melantha A... a drone? Where did it...?
[The Mobile Tactical Hangar is highlighted.]
Dobermann This is a combat method particular to some mercenaries. In battle, they will call the Mobile Tactical Hangar for Air Support Drones to assist them in combat.
[Melantha is highlighted.]
Dobermann Once the call is successfully made, the Tactical Hangar will dispatch an Air Support Drone to make directly for the target indicator, based on the coordinates the caller gives.
Air Support Drones will only begin assisting in combat once they reach the called coordinates, and will not move again after that.
Melantha Um... I'm... alone...
Ansel It's okay, Melantha, I'll come be your Medic.
<Game unpaused>
[Ansel is deployed close to Melantha and stars healing her as she engages the Tactical Crossbowman while the Scrap reaches her position and loiters above her, firing its twin grenade launchers that noticeably lowers Melantha's DEF. Melantha killed the Crossbowman, but two Tactical Hounds rushed towards her, although she managed to kill them just as the Scrap self-destructs out of nowhere.]
<Game paused>
Melantha We... we held out! But why is the enemy drone... gone...?
Dobermann Mercenary organizations are relatively cost-conscious. Each Air Support Drone carries limited fuel, and will automatically retreat some time after launch.
Ansel If they're all that stingy... won't we be fine just leaving them alone?
Dobermann Though they won't pose any threat to allied base HP Seals, they are exceptionally powerful while assisting in combat, and are difficult to attack.
For example, attacks from the Fragmentation-Type[sic] Air Support Drone deal Physical damage in a radius, and can temporarily Weaken allied Operators' DEF.
Have Operators skilled in anti-air combat shoot them down in advance, and some of the stress on direct combat can be alleviated.
<Game unpaused>
[Another Tactical Crossbowman spawns and calls in another Scrap on Melantha as he approaches her.]
<Game paused>
Melantha Ah... a mercenary called in another Air Support Drone up ahead...!
Jessica M... Melantha, I—I can come help you out...
<Game unpaused>
[The player deploys Jessica who shoots down the Scrap while Melantha engages the Tactical Crossbowman and kills him just as two more Tactical Hounds spawn, and they are all dispatched.]