Tutorial: TR-3

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[(The player deploys the Operators to dispatch the incoming Originium Slugs, and a Monster spawns shortly afterward)]
<Game paused>
[The Monster is highlighted.]
Dobermann Jessica, you will often encounter aerial targets, which can only be damaged by Operators with ranged attacks.
Jessica Ah! I'm good at that... My weapons are long-range as well.
Dobermann Correct. Now, deploy the Ranged Operator you have available.
Jessica, you can join doctor's team after this training session. You will need to have more actual combat experience.
Jessica What? ...Really!?
<Game unpaused>
[(Jessica and/or Rangers attacks the first Monster and destroys it as more spawns alongside additional Originium Slugs; Jessica and/or Rangers attack the Monsters over the Slugs, and all enemies are dispatched regardless)]