Tutorial: TR-21

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<Game paused>
Siege What are these?
<Game unpaused>
[Siege is deployed next to the Twigs That Crave in the middle and starts attacking it. Note that the Twigs expel some sort of an aura that drains Siege's HP, and Ptilopsis is deployed nearby to heal her. The aura also affects Ptilopsis, but to a lesser degree than Siege.]
<Game paused>
Ptilopsis Harmful effects detected. Initializing treatment program.
<The middle Twigs is highlighted> Scanning complete. The Twigs That Crave have polluted the nearby ground, causing continuous damage to nearby operators.
Operators fighting on the ground will take more damage.
Siege I'll take care of it.
Ptilopsis Caution. Target structure is complex, and attacking may have unpredictable results.
<Game unpaused>
[GreyThroat is deployed above Ptilopsis to aid Siege in destroying the Twigs, which starts intermittently inflicting Necrosis Damage after falling below half HP.]
<Game paused>
Siege It's attacking!
Ptilopsis It's some sort of Sarkaz Arts. The Necrosis Damage it inflicts prevent the use of skills when it accumulates, while also causing continuous Arts damage.
Siege Let's finish this quickly.
<Game unpaused>
[The Twigs is eventually destroyed, but a Rot Eater emerges from its remains which proceeds to attack Siege. However, the Rot Eater quickly succumbs to Siege and GreyThroat's attacks.]
<Game paused>
Siege It turned into a monster, but it looks pretty weak.
Ptilopsis Analysis shows that it absorbs the strength of fallen allies.
The more of its allies fall in battle, the more power it absorbs, increasing its strength.
It will be at its strongest if all its allies are defeated.
Support squad has arrived. Please instruct as to whether to prioritize its destruction, or reinforce the defense.
<Game unpaused>
[Click, Cutter, and Skyfire are available for deployment. (The player deploys them at their discretion) Several Sarkaz Witherers spawn, but are quickly dispatched by Siege and GreyThroat with support from either Click or Skyfire. If the upper right Twigs is not destroyed at this point, the Rot Eater within emerges with a much higher attributes than the previous one; this can be prevented by having Click and Cutter destroy the Twigs ASAP, weakening the Rot Eater and allowing the two to eliminate them or, at least, whittling down their HP for the others to finish them off.]