Tutorial: TR-2

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<Game paused>
Dobermann Jessica, you've probably noticed that we need to designate a direction when deploying an Operator.
First, take a good look at how Rangers attacks the enemy.
<Game unpaused>
[(Rangers attack and kill the first three Originium Slugs spawning from the top-left Incursion Point, but a fourth one spawns from the bottom-left Incursion Point, which is out of Rangers' reach)]
<Game paused>
[The Originium Slug is highlighted.]
Dobermann Did you see that, Jessica? Rangers cannot attack enemies behind him, as they are outside his range.
[Rangers is highlighted.]
Dobermann Tap Rangers to check his information.
<Game unpaused>
[(The player taps Rangers)]
<Game paused>
[Rangers' attack range is shown and highlighted.]
Dobermann The orange area represents Rangers' Attack Range, which is determined by the direction assigned to him when deployed.
Unless an Operator has retreated or fallen, his direction and attack range cannot be changed as long as he is deployed. Make sure you take this into consideration before deploying an Operator.
[The Originium Slug is highlighted.]
Dobermann At this stage, Rangers cannot attack the Originium Slugs crossing behind him.
But don't worry, we can deploy other Operators to defend the area.
Tap to go back to the battlefield.
<Game unpaused>
[(The player leave Rangers' menu) The player is instructed to deploy Adnachiel.]
Dobermann Deploy Sniper Operator, Adnachiel, to this location.
Set his direction to up by dragging upward. An Operator will only be deployed to battle after you have specified the direction.
[(Adnachiel is deployed and kills the Originium Slug; more spawns afterwards, but Rangers and Adnachiel managed to dispatch them all)]