Operator gallery: Lumen

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An outfit commonly worn by Operators.
While not as practical as a uniform, it's what they find most comfortable.
Elite 2
Lumen Elite 2.png
An outfit that has been improved after the Operator's Promotion.
Custom-made to suit each Operator's experiences and needs, these outfits are designed to provide them maximum flexibility on any battlefield. Furthermore, this is all done without compromising the comfort that they've come to expect.
Golden Dream
Lumen Skin 1.png
One of Lumen's work outfits.
The golden sunlight is not the only visitor to this room. The ocean has just revealed itself, and Lumen gestures at you to speak softly so as to not disturb the dreamlike scene.
Ambience Synesthesia Tailor-Provided/Golden Dream. Lumen's casual leisure wear, tailored for elegance from lightweight materials. The sea mist has lifted, and you can now see the lighthouse without binoculars.
Lone Trail (Outfit Store, 18 Originite Prime icon.png)