Operator gallery: Justice Knight

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Justice Knight.png
An alloy frame, powerful motor, and highly efficient energy consumption ensure its sturdiness, durability, and long battery life. Highly customizable accessory modules are available to best suit your demands. Raythean strives for perfection.
Tournament Fantasy Retrofit Kit
Justice Knight Skin 1.png
One of Justice Knight's modifications for crucial moments.
"I dreamed of a knight. They were a carefree and cheerful sort, having traveled all over the land and gathered an array of talents. They saved countless enslaved robots and Infected, and in that dream... that knight was me."
Bloodline of Combat Collection/Tournament Fantasy Retrofit Kit. The General Chamber of Commerce had no idea the newest wave of protests would arise from a most unremarkable robot's tournament retrofit labelled as a "drone."
Pinch-Out Experimental Operation (Crystal Showroom)