Event trivia: Darknights Memoir

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  • The title is basically a portmanteau of "dark" and "ark" as in Arknights, hence having an underlying meaning of "Arknights in Darkness"
  • Darknights Memoir is the first major event that runs for three weeks.
  • In the CN server, Darknights Memoir succeeds Contingency Contract Barrenland and precedes CN's 1st Anniversary Celebration. Likely to make the Cremation Last Wish limited headhunting banner not released too soon after Earthborn Metals in Ancient Forge (because the limited banner scheduling is not yet formalized at this time), the Global server reschedules DM to December 2020 so it precedes Global's 1st Anniversary Celebration around January 16, 2021.
  • Due to an oversight, the animated PV of Darknights Memoir on YouTube (see Gallery) for EN and KR is initially a censored version with the blood removed meant for advertising outside YouTube. It has since been replaced with the correct, uncensored version.
  • Darknights Memoir is the only event that does not feature a boss enemy.
  • Interestingly, the Tales of Battle and Shattered Front operations in their respective menu are connected together in a way that they form the character "W".