Tutorial: CV-TR-1

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[Liskarm engages the approaching Paramilitary Gangsters as Franka standing above her slashes a device in front of her.]
<Game paused>
Franka <Franka and the device are highlighted> Liskarm, check out this old fashioned Waste Heat Vent. Look, I'm "warming it up".
Liskarm It really is heating up from the energy of your attacks. Franka, we need to collect more data on local equipment and enemies for future operations.
Franka No biggie, just leave it to me.
<Game unpaused>
[Notice that the device, now known as a Waste Heat Vent, generates SP for its skill as Franka attacks it, who deals no damage otherwise. The Vent eventually fully charges up and releases hot air to a good distance ahead of it, damaging both the Gangsters and Cardigan in the lower lane. Notice that a meter below the Gangsters' HP meter fills itself up as the Vent damages them, which also makes them stronger.]
<Game paused>
Liskarm When the Waste Heat Vent reaches critical temperatures, it'll actively dissipate the accumulated heat in a straight line in front of it, dealing continuous Arts damage to all units and slowing enemies in its range.
But the emitted heat will also charge the enemy's heat-amplifying equipment, gradually increasing their ATK and DEF as their energy charges up.
Let's get a Medic on our operators ASAP.
<Game unpaused>
[Myrrh is deployed above Liskarm to heal her and Cardigan as the meter below the Gangsters' HP, representing their Energy reserve, fill up, causing them to enter a state where they hits harder and even more resilient than before. The Vent's skill expires and it stops releasing hot wind as another Vent on the upper-right corner activates and damages the Radioactive Originium Slug standing close to the edge of its reach.]
<Game paused>
Liskarm <The Gangsters ganging up on Liskarm (no pun intended) are highlighted> Enemies will enter an Overload state once fully charged, greatly increasing their ASPD, DEF, and RES—Ugh.
Franka Wow, I'd expect no less from our Teacher's Pet. Completely blocking such an rapid assault.
Liskarm There's no way they can maintain that state for long, so I'll take on all their attacks!
<Game unpaused>
[The Gangsters' augmented state, now known as Overload, expires, leaving them without Energy as Liskarm steadily neutralizes them and more Radioactive Originium Slugs showing up.]
<Game paused>
Franka Seems like they lose all their energy when the Overload runs out.
Liskarm Enemies with no energy will lose all their ATK and DEF buffs, so it's the best time to strike back!
Jessica Operator Jessica, here to provide support!
<Game unpaused>
[Jessica is available for deployment as more Gangsters join the fray. (The player deploys Jessica at their discretion, preferably below Liskarm so she could benefit from the latter's talent) With covering fire from Jessica and despite the Radioactive Originium Slugs' ability to boost the Gangsters' Energy with their death explosion, the team eliminated all hostiles with no casualties.]