Operator dialogue: Blacknight

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Appointed as Assistant Your files are all fully sorted. Hm? Was that fast? I wasn't dozing off on your last shift, after all. I have your whole workflow noted right inside my head.
Talk 1 Stop! You're touching one of my traps. Move any further, and a bolt will blow your brains out. How will you fall asleep surrounded by traps? Isn't that a strange question? I couldn't sleep at all without my little dears around me.
Talk 2 What we stole from the Leithanien nobles, they plundered from the land before that. We're the children of the wilds, but we have some reason in us. Lungmen traders do good to others, Siracusans keep to the rules, and I watch so no one lays a finger on them.
Talk 3 Is that Lee man here too? He got me when I was careless, and I want my revenge. No, no need to worry, none of the trinkets he's covered in interest me. You go tell him as much.
Talk after Promotion 1 Infected? Only city people would call themselves that. In the endless and cutthroat wilds, whether beast or human, survival means you call yourself the strongest.
Talk after Promotion 2 There's plenty who think the wilds are a frightening place, but to me, they were my home. I made a mistake once. Lost that home, only the slumberfoots left who could roam with me. I'll never make a mistake like it again.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 The name Blacknight was given to me by a Yan storyteller. I always used to do my work at night, pulling the floor from under when those merchants were drowsy. Me and my slumberfoots would take away their wealth, and "devour" their dreams too.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Don't act so close to me... you never know when my crossbow will be aimed at your head. You don't believe I'm like that? Up to you, then. I've got no interest in dealing with a penniless good guy.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 They called me their boss. So I protected them, gave them food and a place to rest. But now, for as long as I haven't beaten you, you're my boss. I'll protect you, and I'll follow your orders.
Idle ...Fell asleep hugging Helmet? Light, bring a blanket over. Keep your movements low.
Onboard You're the strongest tactician aboard Rhodes Island? I'm Blacknight, and sorry, but we're going to need a showdown. If I lose, you'll be my boss from then on, and I expect to be trained properly.
Watching Battle Record Mm, all memorized. Anything else?
Promotion 1 You're not worried I'll take the bonus and run? I'm joking. For that matter, a badge like this won't fetch any real money anyway.
Promotion 2 Work and earn a living. I wonder if my parents lived a life like this in Rim Billiton? It's fine, but I'm not letting my crossbow rust.
Added to Squad Good timing. I need something to do.
Appointed as Squad Leader You want me leading? Then you'll want to watch how I do it.
Depart Listen, darlings, once we're on the battlefield, you need to listen to the Doctor too.
Begin Operation You want to run? Before you do, remember to leave your valuables behind.
Selecting Operator 1 I'm right by you. Don't make a sound.
Selecting Operator 2 Understood. Proceeding as planned.
Deployment 1 I'm heading that way.
Deployment 2 Let's clear this path up first.
In Battle 1 Helmet, lure the enemy left!
In Battle 2 Light, harass the closest enemy!
In Battle 3 Cart, set mines in the bushes!
In Battle 4 Drill, open a hole!
4-star Result How'd me and the darlings do? No compliments for us?
3-star Result Not bad! I've learned some more moves.
Sub 3-star Result I'll take us to the next crossing. We need to get this cleaned up.
Operation Failure Oh, no! Get away from here! Just do it, or the enemy will have you trapped. We'll go back for now and think of a better way to deal...
Assigned to Facility Being in a room's nothing compared to the freedom of the night sky above you.
Tap Who was that?!
Trust Tap Tired? You can have Helmet to hug for a little bit, then. At least until tomorrow.
Greeting Hey, Helmet, no running about in the corridor! Don't think I can't see you just because you're hiding in someone's arms... oh, fine, I'll let you off, for {nickname}'s sake.
Title Arknights.