Operator dialogue: Astgenne

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Appointed as Assistant No problem. I've done all of this before, and I won't have any trouble handling it, but let's be up front, Doctor: If you come to me in the evening with a stack of documents and tell me to sort everything out that night, chances are that you might not get what you want.
Talk 1 Research is actually kind of a pain. Sometimes, you go all in on your research. Other times, you have to spend time going over progress with somebody else. You need to know your specialty like the back of your hand, and you also need people skills. If I wasn't already decent at both, my head would've exploded a long time ago.
Talk 2 My sister Astesia is really good at our family's chicanery, but she only ever uses it to help people. To think there would be such a pure, kind-hearted shyster running around... Oh, Doctor, don't tell anyone about this! Please, I'm begging you! If she finds out I told, Astesia will whap me upside the head!
Talk 3 Rhine Lab? Hmm... Sorry, I don't really want to talk about them right now. If that place were really so great, I wouldn't have asked for a transfer to Rhodes Island, right? Okay, break time's over! Back to work!
Talk after Promotion 1 I'm the one who got infected, but then even Astesia... *sigh*... You probably can't tell, but she's actually pretty depressed. Enough is enough, I gotta do something to help her.
Talk after Promotion 2 Columbia's technology keeps advancing, and as a researcher, I can almost see that future I'm looking for. My dream is right there, and I'm going to make it come true.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Our family's... well, how should I say this? My parents are the old-fashioned type that like to order people around. They don't care about your opinions, only the joy of being in control. It sucks. That's why I haven't been back home since college. Now they can't stop me from studying the stuff I like.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 There are those who help because they really want people to have a better life, but there are also those who help so they can use people as stepping stones. Doctor, you know how to tell the two apart, don't you? It's easy. You just need to look at the way they smile.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 My dad's kinda famous back in the city, and our names are a little peculiar, so I thought I'd give myself a new name to get away from all that trouble. But feel free to call me whatever you want, Doctor. We're friends, don't sweat it.
Idle Yes, this is the Doctor's office. Yes, the Doctor is resting right now. Please call back later.
Onboard Researcher Elena Urbica of Rhine Lab. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. We're supposed to call each other by codenames here, right? No problem. In that case, call me Astgenne. It's simple and easy to remember.
Watching Battle Record I don't think I've seen a problem like that before. Gotta take notes...
Promotion 1 What a pretty medal! Let me help you pin it on. Hm? How come you're the one wearing it instead of me? Isn't this commemorating your good eye for people?
Promotion 2 Let's join together and break the shackles, Doctor! The future is unfolding right before our eyes!
Added to Squad Hello, everybody!
Appointed as Squad Leader Hold on a sec. I'll finish reading the team leader's messages in a jiffy.
Depart All charged up and ready to go.
Begin Operation I'll show you the power of technology.
Selecting Operator 1 Hmm?
Selecting Operator 2 How about here?
Deployment 1 Alright.
Deployment 2 Acknowledged.
In Battle 1 Miracles don't just drop out of the sky.
In Battle 2 Computations complete.
In Battle 3 I'm not gonna sit here and wait for my demise.
In Battle 4 My lightning will illuminate the starry sky!
4-star Result You had even the finest details under control. You must be a professional.
3-star Result I knew everything was going to be okay.
Sub 3-star Result Everything's under control~ Just a little scuffed, that's all...
Operation Failure No way... How could my calculation have...?
Assigned to Facility Let's see how far this is from my workstation...
Tap Ahh?!
Trust Tap Oh, Doctor! What a coincidence running into you here! Why don't we go shopping together?
Greeting Hello, Doctor. Need a hand?
Title Arknights.