Operator trivia: Astgenne

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  • Her name likely derives from a combination of astḗr ("star" in Greek) and geneā́ ("birth" or "offspring" in Greek).[1][2] Her Chinese name directly refers to her as "the origin of stars."
  • Just like her sister, she may have the traits of a common house martin (Delichon urbicum). Her surname, Urbica, also derives from the bird's scientific name. However, this is worth noticing that the birds present on her Her Aspiration outfit are barn swallows (Hirundo Rustica). Barn swallows are also present on her sister's outfits, and their artist's personal artworks of the pair.
  • A list of character for the promotion of Arknights' beta version. Notice the girl on the upper right corner who resembles Astgenne.
    Astgenne was first teased back in the beta version of Arknights (see the picture on the right) in which many presumed her to be the original design of her sister Astesia. This makes her the oldest teased playable characters in the game before Goldenglow.


  1. ἀστήρ (Wiktionary)
  2. γενεά (Wiktionary)