Operator trivia: Akafuyu

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  • Akafuyu literally means "red winter" in Japanese.
  • Akafuyu has the traits of a Japanese spider crab (Macrocheira kaempferi), with one that is slightly larger than those in our world being present in her Elite 2 artwork. This also makes Akafuyu the first (and currently the only) crustacean Aegir.
    • Akafuyu has short-sightedness, which alludes to the fact that spider crabs possess very poor vision.
  • Along with Gladiia and Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Akafuyu's skills have the longest names of all Operator skills. Her skills are also among the few in the Global server to not be named in English (hers being Romaji readings of Japanese skill terms), along with Thorns' Destreza.
  • Her school of swordsmanship, the Nobukage-ryu, probably alludes to the Shinkage-ryū (新陰流) in our world.