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A rebellious Columbian Liberi girl of Gaulish descent, Aciddrop shows great interest in street subculture, particularly skateboarding after meeting a friend of her father who turned out to be a street warrior going by the pseudonym "Onion Ring Alliance" and became a renowned professional skateboarder and street icon under his tutelage. However, she ended up contracting Oripathy after running afoul with a multinational organized crime syndicate, which prompted Aciddrop to seek treatment at Rhodes Island. In exchange, she lent her service as a skirmisher who strides the battlefield with ease by her skateboard while engaging hostiles in "drive-bys".


Aciddrop is a 4★ Heavyshooter Sniper who specializes in DPS. As a Heavyshooter Sniper, Aciddrop has a short range of 2×3 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front (forming a turret-like shape) which is improved to 3×3 tiles at Elite 1 as well as high ATK in exchange for an above-average attack interval and DP cost that increases with each promotion.


Slideshot Style increases the minimum damage of Aciddrop's attacks which is further increased if the target is in the two tiles ahead of her.


  1. Fancy Shot is a straightforward ASPD buff.
  2. Trigger Time buffs Aciddrop's ATK and makes her attack in two-shot bursts while active.

Operator Module

The ARC-X Module, "Freedom, Onion Rings, and Me", reduces Aciddrop's redeployment time by 25 seconds (to 45 seconds, or 37 seconds at Potential 5) in addition to increasing her DEF and ASPD. Once upgraded, Slideshot Style's minimum damage increase is enhanced.

Base skills

  1. B-girl increases the recruitment tag refresh generation rate by 40% while Aciddrop is assigned to the Human Resources Office.
  2. Give me five increases the morale recovery rate of Aciddrop and another Operator resting in the same Dormitory as Aciddrop herself by 0.35 per hour.