Operator dialogue: Aciddrop

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Appointed as Assistant No problem, Doctor. I've got your back.
Talk 1 How do I aim while I'm skating? It's real simple, want me to show you? Here, put your hand on mine.
Talk 2 Way back when, I, like a lot of my friends, took pride in being different. But after I became infected, I realized that alone wasn't cool. Life isn't something that you should let a little bit of Originium dust control, you gotta take charge yourself.
Talk 3 An old cop taught me how to shoot with a crossbow, and his daughter taught me how to skate. As for how to put the two together... that's called being self-taught.
Talk after Promotion 1 Don't get me wrong, skateboarding is just one of my hobbies... and the first way I had to really find myself. The real exciting part comes after that though, wanna hear?
Talk after Promotion 2 Why'd I want to become a combat operator...? Doctor, what do you think is most important for us giggling and laughing "street gangsters?" Of course it's freedom. I'm willing to fight for freedom, so that's why I'm fighting for Rhodes Island.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 I have a lot of regrets about becoming Infected, such as the graffiti mural at the park that I left half-finished. Also, I can't eat any more of that old cop's secret-formula onion rings, huh? That's about it.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 I came to Rhodes Island with the mindset of getting my illness treated. Thought it'd be some stuffy place that reeked of disinfectant where everyone would be confined to their rooms... Turned out to be nothing like that, being the inside of a ship and all that. However, that Ethan guy... Actually, nevermind.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 I found a way to express myself through donut hamburger combo meals, skateboarding, and hip-hop competitions. How 'bout you, Doctor? If you get burnt out, you should come kick it with me and Vigna. We'll just... hang out. Hanging out is in our DNA. Gotta respect it.
Idle If you're tired, just go rest. I'll be here.
Onboard Aciddrop, Operator. This skateboard here is a piece of registered equipment, yeah. If you have any problems, just give me a holler.
Watching Battle Record Damn, that's cool.
Promotion 1 A promotion, huh? Thanks. The last time this happened was when I just won the Crab Cup, huh?
Promotion 2 That old geezer originally taught me to use a crossbow so I could protect myself. Who would've thought that one day, I'd be using it to protect the freedom of the Infected?
Added to Squad You got it.
Appointed as Squad Leader Teamwork's an important part of scoring as well.
Depart Let's go.
Begin Operation Enemy sighted.
Selecting Operator 1 I'm right here.
Selecting Operator 2 C'mon, how do I deal with these guys?
Deployment 1 Now this is some exciting stuff.
Deployment 2 What a beautiful place.
In Battle 1 Jump!
In Battle 2 Time to show off a bit.
In Battle 3 I'm over here~
In Battle 4 Kickflip, then kick ass.
4-star Result Good work out there, Doctor... Oh, can you come with me to get a couple screws switched out after we get back?
3-star Result The moment when you overcome a challenge is always the best feeling, right?
Sub 3-star Result Should we chase after 'em? If you ask me, I can still catch up.
Operation Failure Ugh... Can't believe I messed up such an amateur move...
Assigned to Facility This bit of wall here looks pretty suitable... Uh, I didn't say anything.
Tap Woah!
Trust Tap Wanna head down to the canteen together? If I don't make any mistakes on this trip, promise to treat me to some juice.
Greeting Sup, Doctor.
Title Arknights.