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Part of the dialogues are spoken in Russian, rendered in Cyrillic on the table below to distinguish them from the English dialogues.

Appointed as Assistant Why do I keep my weapon right here? I said it before, you need a stable working environment. Anyone who wants to bother you will have to ask my little friend first.
Talk 1 Rhodes Island is a nice place. Everyone follows the rules and goes about their business, like an idyllic island paradise isolated from reality.
Talk 2 Doctor, those students over there, are they all from Chernobog? Middle schoolers from that city...? Поняла,[note 1] I need to observe them a bit more.
Talk 3 Were you the one commanding at Chernobog, Doctor? Then you also must have seen the state of things there. How are you able to sleep at night, after all that? I can't get it out of my mind... I just can't...
Talk after Promotion 1 I've done well...? No, I haven't! I've achieved nothing, I even fled my homeland. A girl like me never does good... Uh, stop that. Why are you patting my head...?
Talk after Promotion 2 Who needs my protection? Who can I protect? I've been asking myself, since that nightmare... Back then, I saw the malice in people's hearts, it was... it was pouring out all over the place. It drowned the whole city... Under those circumstances, maybe justice no longer means anything, it no longer exists.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Something wrong with my hair? It's... a little messy? Well, it is what it is. I had to cut it myself when I fled the city... Don't give me that look. It's just hair, it'll grow back eventually. Relax, okay?
Talk after Trust Increase 2 This device belonged to my father, a police officer who dedicated himself to protecting the public each and every day. I can understand, same as my mother. We've never blamed him. It's just that... Doctor, all that my father did, was it really worth it?
Talk after Trust Increase 3 Those people, the civilians, their faces were so twisted. They looked just like the murderers who destroyed our city. But they were the people my father and I were supposed to protect. Doctor, what is actually just in this world? What should I do...? I just don't know...
Idle So sleepy... But I can't afford to... fall asleep...
Onboard Thank you for rescuing me, I pledge my life to you. There's not a lot I can do, but if you find some way for me to be useful, please let me know. Codename...? Ummm, just call me Absinthe.
Watching Battle Record What's the point of watching this stuff?
Promotion 1 There's no need for a promotion. Rhodes Island does enough for me... I-I have to take it? But, well... Okay... Thank you.
Promotion 2 I still haven't figured out what justice really is. But you told me before that my beliefs mean something... You might be right. I-I want to believe.
Added to Squad Understood. I'll go get ready.
Appointed as Squad Leader Whoever the squad leader is, what's the status on the... Huh, it's me?
Depart Don't get cocky. Move out!
Begin Operation Halt! Suspicious individuals thirty meters ahead... It's those guys again
Selecting Operator 1 На этот раз...[note 2]
Selecting Operator 2 Принята.[note 3]
Deployment 1 Raid drill! Hands on your head! Don't move!
Deployment 2 This time... I must!
In Battle 1 No sudden moves!
In Battle 2 Stop right here! No trespassing!
In Battle 3 This is your last warning! Surrender or get shoot!
In Battle 4 Why does it always end up like this...?
4-star Result If only you were there back then, maybe things would've turned out different...
3-star Result Mission complete. Doctor, you're not injured, are you?
Sub 3-star Result Do you think any of them were from Chernobog?
Operation Failure It's a panic, we've lost control! We have to retreat now, go!
Assigned to Facility This terrace... if enough snow built up on it, you could jump off like this and have a great time. Hup!
Tap Wha-What?
Trust Tap Oh, Doctor. Are you thirsty? Come, let's find something to drink.
Greeting Are you alright? Need something to perk you up?
Title Arknights.


  1. Ponjala, "I see"
  2. Na ètot raz; "This time…"
  3. Prinjata; "Copy"