Tutorial: TR-4

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[(A Hound spawns)]
Dobermann Even Operators from the same class may have different capabilities.
[Plume on the Operator deployment menu is highlighted.]
Dobermann As a Vanguard, Plume has a low deployment cost, as well as balanced attack and defense. However, she can only block one enemy unit.
At the same time, Plume can recover additional cost when defeating an enemy, making her a good choice for early game.
[An open melee tile is highlighted.]
Dobermann Try to deploy Plume to stop the enemy's initial rush.
[(The player deploys Plume who blocks and attacks the first Hound, but two more spawns) The additional Hounds are highlighted.]
Dobermann More enemy troops are coming, but Plume alone cannot block all of them.
[Fang, now present on the Operator deployment menu, is highlighted.]
Dobermann Fortunately, Vanguard Fang has arrived.
As a Vanguard, Fang also has a very low deployment cost. But unlike Plume, Fang has lower attack and higher defense. She can also block two enemies at the same time.
On top of that, Fang's ability can also provide lots of cost periodically, which will be ideal for the subsequent deployment of other Operators.
[Another open melee tile is highlighted.]
Dobermann Please deploy Fang immediately to defend against the incoming enemies.
[(The player deploys Fang who blocks the additional two Hounds which managed to move past Plume who are busy attacking the first, and both Vanguards killed them; the last two Hounds spawn with the first blocked by Plume and the second blocked by Fang, who kills them)]