"Stylish" Portable Stereo

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The "Stylish" Portable Stereo is a furniture in Arknights.

Used in the dorm to improve the ambience.

An awesome-looking portable speaker. Fitted with some necessary decorations to better suit the atmosphere. Just seeing it makes one want to groove to their favorite beats.


The "Stylish" Portable Stereo is available at the Furniture Store for 500 Furniture Part.png Furniture Part or 300 Originite Prime.png Originite Prime since Contingency Contract Wild Scales.

Previously, it was only obtainable during Heart of Surging Flame Part 2 and its Rerun:

  • During the initial event, it was awarded for reaching the 4000 Siesta Obsidian.png Siesta Obsidian milestone if the player picks Emperor as their musical act of choice.
  • During the rerun, it was available at the Furniture Store for a limited time.

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