Tutorial: S7-1

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12F This fighting force now helping Reunion has experienced countless wars of all shapes and sizes, and they use equipment and tactics that set them apart from any other Reunion troops.
We'll need to use some extraordinary measures to counter their heavily-armored units.
[The Interference Mines on the deployment bar are highlighted.]
PRTS Interference Mines will explode upon contact, dealing a large amount of True damage and rendering the affected enemies more vulnerable to damage for a period of time.
However, Interference Mines also need time to execute a startup sequence after deployment, and cannot detonate until this program has loaded.
[One of the pre-deployed Interference Mines are highlighted.]
PRTS These devices take advantage of the Originium Arts of our Operators, and can damage an enemy's nervous system. Some of us call them Interference Mines.
12F Even so, someone has to step on them first before the Originium Arts inside can become effective. You'll be able to put them to good use, right?