Operator dialogue: Bubble

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Appointed as Assistant Let's see what goodies the Doctor hides in this drawer.
Talk 1 I'm probably only about as big as one of Papa's legs right now, but I'm gonna be as big as him and trample over all the bad guys! Graaagh!
Talk 2 I'm really, really sorry! I won't run in the hallways ever again!
Talk 3 Fighting is easy. I point my shield one way, and nobody can beat me. Huh? What if they get behind me? Uh oh, why didn't I think of that?
Talk after Promotion 1 Gavial? Never heard of her. She's tough? And famous in Sargon? Okay, whatever. I'll see for myself how tough she is.
Talk after Promotion 2 Oh, you're talking about Gavial? I'm Gavial's number one fan. See, she even signed my shield for me. That's her autograph! I think, besides Papa, pretty much nobody could take down Gavial.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Doctor, shhh, tell me the truth. Kay says Vulcan can hammer straight through the floor, can she? No? I knew it. That means my Papa is definitely stronger. He could bust down a Rhodes smoke stack with one punch.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Do I really... have to keep writing this...? Fine... "I knocked over Lancet-2 today. I won't do it again."
Talk after Trust Increase 3 This is my shield. It'll be one of my greaves someday, or maybe a pauldron. Then as long as I'm standing behind you, hehe, nobody'll ever bully you.
Idle Doctor, wake up! Somebody's here to see you.
Onboard You're the boss of this training camp? And they call you the Doctor? Hrm... But you don't look strong... Whatever. I'm Bubble. I may be the weakest in my tribe right now, but you're gonna train me until I'm the second strongest.
Watching Battle Record Hit 'em! Hit 'em again! What, why'd they stop. Is it over?
Promotion 1 A reward for my training? Great! I can't eat it? Grrr...
Promotion 2 I think I got a good chance of beating Kay now! Okay, lemme at her. Doctor, you come watch!
Added to Squad Be good? I'll try.
Appointed as Squad Leader I count down to one and we charge, okay?
Depart Chaaarge!
Begin Operation Waaar!
Selecting Operator 1 I got this.
Selecting Operator 2 Hehe.
Deployment 1 Get the bad guys!
Deployment 2 Shield up!
In Battle 1 Traaaaaample!
In Battle 2 Baaaaash!
In Battle 3 Shield striiiike!
In Battle 4 Bam!
4-star Result Doctor, if you're strong enough, you gotta be warrior like my Papa!
3-star Result What did I tell you? I'm super strong.
Sub 3-star Result Huh? Some of them got away? Did I let them through?
Operation Failure I can't beat them! What do I do?!
Assigned to Facility I need a way, waaay bigger room. How can anyone live in a little place like this?
Tap Oof. That tickles.
Trust Tap Doctor, let's play hide-and-seek!
Greeting Doctor!
Title Arknights.