Operator dialogue: Ayerscarpe

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Appointed as Assistant Before you leave, I am responsible for protecting you.
Talk 1 I'm looking for a way to quickly increase the charge my body can carry. Look for an operator who uses electricity? That makes sense, I'll try it.
Talk 2 Go to Leonhardt if you need ore identified. I'm no good at this.
Talk 3 The boss lady of Rhine Lab frowned when she saw me, as if I was some kind of pest. What a pain. When did I ever do anything to her?
Talk after Promotion 1 My ears are standing up? Don't worry, *bzzt*, it's just the static, and it actually feels pretty good. It'll, *bzzt*, come down on its own after a while.
Talk after Promotion 2 It took me two years of scrouging and going into debt to buy this baby. If not for its value, the Cautus profiteers on the black market would've thrown me away onto some mining ship. The fact that I can have a comfortable life today is all due to this little electricity-leaking guy.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Oh, there you are. How about a fresh, chilled piece of salted edamame? Don't want it? You've gotta learn to appreciate this kind of food. Here, eat it.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 Leonhardt's too noisy and causes too much trouble. I prefer hanging out with you. What? He got surrounded by the Medical Department staff for pulling too many pranks on them? He just doesn't know what's pushing it too far, and I don't think he's ever going to learn. Tsk, I'm going to take a look. Doctor, want to come with me if you're free?
Talk after Trust Increase 3 I protect Wright because we've been together ever since we were little. Something happens to him, I pay it back, and vice versa. But as for us, we haven't had such a long and stable relationship. Don't think you can get close to me just because you helped bandage my wounds, got it? ...I said the same thing last time? Tsk, damn it.
Idle Huh?! Oh... it's you. It's nothing, I'm just lying here to recuperate. If you want to rest as well, I'll make space for you.
Onboard Catastrophe Messenger bodyguard, Ayerscarpe. Pleased to meet you.
Watching Battle Record Very professional. Worth learning from.
Promotion 1 Haven't I been getting overpaid recently? A promotion? Oh, I see. Thank you.
Promotion 2 Being a bodyguard is not about defense, but rather control. Control the space around the target and eliminate all threats. Shall I prove it to you?
Added to Squad Squad joined, awaiting deployment.
Appointed as Squad Leader Begin the operation at your own pace.
Depart No abnormal changes detected. The squad can begin moving.
Begin Operation Target located. Move out!
Selecting Operator 1 Ah.
Selecting Operator 2 Awaiting your command.
Deployment 1 Device, activate.
Deployment 2 Let's get to work.
In Battle 1 It's over!
In Battle 2 Your life is mine!
In Battle 3 The best defense is a good offense.
In Battle 4 There is no winning or losing. Only life or death.
4-star Result Good job controlling the entire situation. Hmph. Congratulations.
3-star Result We made good time. We should get going.
Sub 3-star Result I'm willing to believe that letting that person through was part of your plans.
Operation Failure Don't worry about my injuries. Just make sure you get back safely.
Assigned to Facility I'll leave the arrangements to you. I have no demands.
Tap Don't touch my ears.
Trust Tap You look troubled. What's on your mind?
Greeting Need me?
Title Arknights.