Operator trivia: Angelina

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  • Her surname, Ajimu (Kanji: 安心院), is one of the oldest Japanese surnames. It also derives from the name of a town in Ōita Prefecture.
    • The Kanji could be pronounced as either Ajimu or Anshinin in the on'yomi reading. As a matter of fact, there is a joke in the JP community featuring others speaking her name wrongly.
  • Angelina is among the few characters with strongly-implied attraction (romantic or otherwise) towards the Doctor, as seen in their dialogues and even Operator Records. The others include Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Platinum, and especially Gravel.
  • Angelina is one of the few operators in Arknights who does not have a back-facing sprite during operations. The other operators with this distinction are the Bard Supporters.
  • In the Global release of Dossoles Holiday, Angelina's Summer Flower FA017 outfit can be viewed in her outfit list despite not being released yet. This is because DH was released before the rerun of The Great Chief Returns, which is the opposite in the CN server.
  • Angelina's Summer Flower FA017 outfit is the only case where her tail is visible.
  • During the initial release of Arknights, Angelina's "Depart" and "Appointed as Squad Leader" voicelines were erroneously swapped with each other. This was fixed in an update released during the 1st Anniversary Celebration.