Character trivia: FrostNova

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  • FrostNova's real name, Yelena, is the Russian derivation of Helena,[1] which means "shining light".
    • Her Chinese name translates to "Frost Star" and is the basis of her English name; "Nova" refers to a celestial event that appears as if a new star is born, referring to her relatively short appearance being a testament of her prowess and have a major impact on Arknights' story.
  • FrostNova has the traits of an arctic hare.
  • In the cutscenes, it can be seen that FrostNova "sings" her Arts. This is likely a reference to the fact that songs and dances were linked to magic in ancient times.
  • Before an unspecified update, the Level 1 version of FrostNova, "Winter's Scar" is neither immune to Stun nor Silence, unlike the Level 0 version.
  • Due to FrostNova's tragic life and death, there are numerous fan stories and artworks written involving her, focusing mainly about her survival after 6-17 or becoming an actual member of Rhodes Island.
    • VI-6's description is likely the first of many responses to this.


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