Operator dialogue: Bibeak

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Appointed as Assistant I don't need to go outside today? Th-thank goodness... Infected people like me have no right to wear these clothes. How strange it is that I cannot wear the clothes I make with my own hands... Eh? Rhodes Island doesn't care about stuff like that? Really?
Talk 1 Oh, my outfit? Um, I designed this one myself. The skirt incorporates some traditional motifs, though it can't compete with my dad's work... But this is my attempt at emulating an old-fashioned style.
Talk 2 Good afternoon, Doctor. I'm trying to clean up my room... Sorry, my room often ends up being a mess... I used to never have to organize my room, and now that I'm starting to learn, it's actually rather fun... although I often break things in the process...
Talk 3 I've always had trouble adjusting after being pulled away from my old life. In the very beginning, I felt like I couldn't continue living after becoming an Infected, and I was just so scared... But I'm not like that anymore. There's so much I want to learn, and I want to do more for those just like me here at Rhodes Island.
Talk after Promotion 1 Since I was young, my father required me to study swordsmanship. I didn't like it back then, but... after that incident, sometimes holding the sword has been more reassuring than holding the spinning thread.
Talk after Promotion 2 I used to be afraid to go outside. As an Infected, I felt like everything was scorning me... But now I understand that one's self-esteem has nothing to do with whether or not she is Infected or not. After all, that is the most beautiful decoration.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 Doctor, um... If, if it's possible, can I make some clothes for you...? I think you'd be just right for bringing out some of my ideas. Um, I sometimes ask the other Operators in the same way...
Talk after Trust Increase 2 The people who stoned me with Originium... Of course I hated them, but now... If I continued to harbor that contempt and despair, it would have driven me to do terrible things. I have no regrets about running away from home, even if it holds many warm memories of my past.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 I want to incorporate the many things I've learned from everyone into something we can all wear...Hehe, even with that in mind, the elements are a bit complicated. But this reflects my emotions, whether I'm brandishing my sword or flourishing my needle.
Idle Let's use this time to craft something small.
Onboard H-hello, Doctor... My codename is Bibeak... Excuse me, but is there a facility with a loom and a knitting machine here?
Watching Battle Record The way they fight... I've never even thought about that before...
Promotion 1 A p-promotion? Are you sure? I'm actually not very good at fighting... Thank you.
Promotion 2 By my side... are all the Operators of Rhodes Island, and you, Doctor. Even with my limited life, I'm still able to live normally like a normal person... No, a life they never would be able to dream is possible.
Added to Squad G-got it!
Appointed as Squad Leader Hm? I'm the leader?
Depart Just like a textile, there is only one way to weave.
Begin Operation Is fighting unavoidable after all...?
Selecting Operator 1 Ah, understood!
Selecting Operator 2 I've finished the combat uniforms!
Deployment 1 Is wielding the sword the same as wielding the needle?
Deployment 2 I... can also fight! Believe in me!
In Battle 1 I, I won't hold back!
In Battle 2 If you have anything to say, save it for after the battle! There are people I must protect!
In Battle 3 Like threading a needle... Strike!
In Battle 4 Can the strings of life also be cut?
4-star Result Great work, Doctor! Um, what did you think about my performance?
3-star Result It, it's finally over! If your uniform is damaged, I can help repair it...
Sub 3-star Result Oh, someone got away... But, that's a better outcome... than the cruelty of death.
Operation Failure I, I'm still... so useless...
Assigned to Facility Hmm... Where is the textiles room?
Tap Eek!
Trust Tap Oh, Doctor, can you help grab those textiles for me?
Greeting H-hello, Doctor.
Title Arknights.