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The lines fully enclosed by quotation marks in Talk after Elite 2 promotion, Idle, and Promoted to Elite 2 are spoken by Annie.

Appointed as Assistant Do you think me a princess, sitting elegantly in an office?
Talk 1 Don't take Iris's songs as true. They're for the young children, you know. What? Yes, I'm the guards with the scissors–what about it? Chop-chop? That's me making clothes–what did you think it was? *sigh* Adults, honestly. So eager to assume worse.
Talk 2 Preservation techniques? I wouldn't know. Even Iris hasn't the faintest clue how I keep things safe, so why would I be telling you?
Talk 3 Let me introduce Annie to you. She's my very best friend, and another "me."
Talk after Promotion 1 Don't ask me. I don't know why the Castle takes things in from everywhere to keep and then sends them back out. Granny wants me to do it, so I do it. In adult terms, it's work, isn't it? Something someone has to do.
Talk after Promotion 2 Annie's a quiet one by nature, nothing at all like me. C-Controlling her? What are you talking about?! She's a person, she goes where she wants to! She's only by my side because she likes being with me. That's what best friends are like. Aren't they, Annie? "Mm."
Talk after Trust Increase 1 There's too many children here. No wonder Iris doesn't want to leave. Hrmm... if this goes on any longer, we may as well move the whole Castle of Dreams here onto Rhodes Island. It'll save time, and effort.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 What even is a good girl? Are you saying I'm not good? –Well, I suppose Granny has said there's situations you can't do as you please in, where you need to "act" a little. Like? Well... "My greetings to you, I come from the County of Lyndon. My name is Bena." More or less like that, you know!
Talk after Trust Increase 3 Granny brought me into the Castle when I was young, and I grew up there. When she retired, I took over her post at the Castle. How am I anything like Iris who just inherits the whole place? What, you think I'm jealous? Not a chance! Iris has to watch out for her figure, and me? I can eat all I want without putting on a pound, ahah!
Idle "Rest soundly. Doctor." Who cares about that Doctor? Come out and let's go play! "Alright."
Onboard I'm Bena, here to retrieve an idiot who went out and forgot to come home. But I hear there's still things she has to do, and I suppose that's fair. I'll stay and keep her company for a while.
Watching Battle Record You can't show something this violent to Annie and me.
Promotion 1 Ahah! Well, looks like you know how to work with children after all!
Promotion 2 Annie, are you ready? We're going to show this eternally hooded hoodlum what our Arts are made of! "Alright, Bena."
Added to Squad Two people for a single job. This won't be tricky.
Appointed as Squad Leader Annie's got some ideas for you. Listen to me, now, everyone.
Depart Let's take it just like a walk in the forest.
Begin Operation Interested in pulling these toys apart too?
Selecting Operator 1 Heheh.
Selecting Operator 2 Don't you rush me!
Deployment 1 Annie, don't go too far.
Deployment 2 Have to be careful, now.
In Battle 1 It's trimming time!
In Battle 2 Chop-chop!
In Battle 3 Whatever breaks needs to be fixed.
In Battle 4 If there's no fixing it, turn it to pieces.
4-star Result What did you expect? I'm a dab hand at doing bad things to bad people!
3-star Result No piece of work who still needs trimming, then?
Sub 3-star Result Leave the rest to the adults, then. We're going home.
Operation Failure Annie, where are you?!
Assigned to Facility We're two people here! This room's not big enough!
Tap Wagh!
Trust Tap Annie's off on an adventure. Want to come along?
Greeting Hey, no hiding things! What's that you're playing with?
Title Arknights.