"Ashen White Twig Tree"

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The "Ashen White Twig Tree" is a furniture in Arknights. It is part of the Nearls' Living Room Replica theme.

Used in the dorm to improve the ambience.

A twig tree used as decoration. The best parts of the tree were used to make carbines, and the knights took home the leftovers to decorate the place.


The "Ashen White Twig Tree" can be obtained from the Maria Nearl Furniture Pack.png Maria Nearl Furniture Pack available from Record Restoration since It's Been A While.

Previously, it was only obtainable during Maria Nearl (Rerun), where it was available at the Duty-Free Shop for 65 Mieszko Match Ticket.png Mieszko Match Ticket (40 Mieszko Match Ticket.png during Rerun).