Operator dialogue: Arene

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Appointed as Assistant The files are in order. Is that all we have to do today? Why don't we talk about the operation the other day, Professor?
Talk 1 Try not to come too close when I use Arts, okay? Not moving out of the way? Okay, if you insist.
Talk 2 Why do I call you "Professor", you ask? Because I'm actually learning quite a lot from you. The placement of personnel on the battlefield, how to command, among other things... What more reason do we need?
Talk 3 Here, you can have this. I think it's some sort of candy? No need to thank me. I got it from someone else anyway, and I don't really like these things very much.
Talk after Promotion 1 You don't see Sankta using staves much? The guys who shoot up everything day and night and solve all their problems with violence must have given you a bad impression. Not all Sankta use guns as their weapons. At the very least, I don't like them.
Talk after Promotion 2 Rather than sharing a single secret, we should exchange our secrets with each other. That's how you build a strong, equal relationship. So if you want to learn any of my secrets, you better come up with something just as saucy for me, Professor.
Talk after Trust Increase 1 There are no Infected in Laterano. Once a Sankta contracts Oripathy, he is immediately exiled. But even if you become Infected, no matter where you are, you still enjoy all kinds of privilege as a Laterano... You just don't get to set foot in your homeland again, that's all.
Talk after Trust Increase 2 My parents' will left me with quite a bit of trouble, and it was really a hassle to get it taken care of. If it wasn't for that uptight executor making things difficult for me, it all could've been much easier... Oh, whatever, it still went according to plan.
Talk after Trust Increase 3 I want to capture a few people to try out some new Arts in our next operation. I can't...? Alright, fine. It's a shame, but if that's what you say, Professor, maybe some other time, then. Eh? Not this time, and not ever? Geez, don't be so uptight.
Idle Are you asleep? People who fall asleep at work get their faces drawn on, you know...? Just kidding, I know you're awake.
Onboard Codename Arene, officially joining today, it seems. So you are the Doctor... I hope we'll get along, Professor {nickname}.
Watching Battle Record Studying tactics? Sounds kinda interesting.
Promotion 1 This doesn't seem all that different than before. Or are you going to teach me some secret strategies you have, Professor?
Promotion 2 Doctor, you aren't testing me, are you? Alright then, I'm just getting in the mood. Okay, starting right now, whatever that happens is going to be our own little secret.
Added to Squad Okay, I'll follow your orders.
Appointed as Squad Leader So actual combat for my next assignment? Okay, let me think about the placement...
Depart As long as we achieve our goals, it doesn't matter if the process of getting there is a little rough, huh?
Begin Operation Welcome. I'll be waiting.
Selecting Operator 1 My turn?
Selecting Operator 2 No need to rush.
Deployment 1 Not a bad position.
Deployment 2 I can do whatever I want, right?
In Battle 1 I've given my warning.
In Battle 2 Does it hurt?
In Battle 3 Tell me. How are you feeling right now?
In Battle 4 That's not a bad scream at all.
4-star Result That went far better than I expected. I shouldn't have thought so little of you.
3-star Result That was just as expected. No surprises, even a little boring.
Sub 3-star Result A few of them slipped past. Should I go after them? Strategically speaking, I don't recommend it.
Operation Failure This is quite the bad situation... I shouldn't have to tell you what the appropriate course of action is now, right?
Assigned to Facility Isn't there a closer room to the Professor's?
Tap Hmm?
Trust Tap We have some time to spare. Why don't we review our last mission, Professor?
Greeting You look tired. It's okay if you sleep a little longer, Professor.
Title Arknights.