A Walk in the Dust OST

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A Walk in the Dust OST is an Arknights original soundtrack containing three BGMs from the titular Intermezzo event.


The English translations of the tracks' Chinese titles are unofficial.
走过漫漫时空 (A Walk through the Extending Space-Time)

Length: 02:10
Artist(s): Robert Wolf
Played in: A Walk in the Dust menu
兴衰旧篇 (Old Chapters of Rise and Fall)

Length: 02:56
Artist(s): Bao.Uner
Played in: All WD operations except WD-8 and WD-EX-8
乌萨斯的影月 (The Shadow of Ursus' Moon)

Length: 03:20
Artist(s): Bao.Uner
Played in: WD-8 and WD-EX-8