Event trivia: The Rides to Lake Silberneherze

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  • The Rides to Lake Silberneherze's CN release date coincides with Kjera's birthday of December 5, which is intentional to match the event's story (see Synopsis).
  • With almost 95,000 characters in the original Chinese text, The Rides to Lake Silberneherze is the longest Side Story that is not part of Celebration, Festival, and Carnival events, surpassing Break the Ice with 91,000 characters. It will later be surpassed by Path of Life which has over 96,000 characters.
  • The Rides to Lake Silberneherze is the first story event where the EN, JP, and KR trailer uses voiceovers in their respective server's native languages, as the EN trailer uses English voiceovers which makes Zwillingstürme im Herbst the last story event where the EN trailer use Japanese voiceovers; KR trailers have used Korean voiceovers since Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures.
  • A CG used in the EN and KR version of the trailer during Degenbrecher's part is somehow missing resulting in white screen instead. It was later replaced with the correct versions.
  • The name of RS operations (including interludes) are terms commonly used in train journeys.
  • Express Train operations are connected in a way that resembles a locomotive emitting smoke.