Tutorial: LE-TR-1

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[Two Street Layabouts shows up and engages Cardigan once she blocks her. Note that she noticeably generates SP twice as slow while Melantha, who is "linked" to a white beam emitted by a device on the upper left that got diverted by a reflector of sorts on the lower right to the ranged tile behind Cardigan, generates SP normally, and the Layabouts' attacks deal extra Arts damage towards Cardigan.]
<Game paused>
Cardigan These enemies aren't just hard hitters, they're dealing extra Arts damage too...
And the excess energy here is seriously messing with me! It's slowing me down so bad I can't even heal myself!
Melantha <The aforementioned device is highlighted> These energy restructuring devices on the battlefield, "Tubas," can use the excess energy to form "Realigned Flux." Standing in Realigned Flux can keep you from being disturbed, and it can counter enemies' special abilities.
Cardigan Huh? But the Realigned Flux isn't passing through here at all.
Adnachiel So long as an Operator is deployed in Realigned Flux, they can direct its flow, and extend it in the direction they were deployed.
Cardi, just hold on a little longer! I'll point the Realigned Flux to your position as soon as I can!
<Game unpaused>
[(The player deploys Adnachiel on the recommended ranged tile passed by the white beam, now known as a Realigned Flux, behind Cardigan, facing left) Adnachiel is linked with the Realigned Flux, allowing it to be linked with Cardigan. The Flux makes Cardigan generate SP at a normal rate and takes normal damage from the Layabouts, allowing her to recover after holding off and defeating the Layabouts with Adnachiel's help just as more Layabouts arrived on the scene.]
<Game paused>
Steward We've got reinforcements! Looks like powerful enemies approaching up ahead. Everyone, you're best off standing in the Realigned Flux.
Melantha <The reflector close to Melantha is highlighted> The "Whisperer" walls here can reflect Realigned Flux, so we can use them too to alter any Flux's course.
Adnachiel Make good use of the Realigned Flux. Let's wipe these enemies out.
<Game unpaused>
[(Ansel and Steward are available for deployment; the player deploys Steward on the ranged tile ahead of Cardigan and Ansel next to the reflector, now known as L-7 Whisperer, close to Melantha) Steward is linked the Flux which is redirected by the Whisperer, allowing it to be linked with Ansel and covering the tiles ahead of him as a Mass-Produced Colossus show up. The Colossus somehow loses nearly all of its defenses while on the Flux's path, alowing the Operators to take it out and the rest of the Layabouts without too much difficulty.]