Operator gallery: Cardigan

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One of the daily uniforms of Rhodes Island.
The Operators designed it voluntarily.
+Regular fit
+DeepMentality Sports learning system
Cheerful Guardian
Cardigan Skin 1.png
One of Cardigan's seasonal outfits.
When happiness blocks the door.
Cardigan's Winter Wear/Cheerful Guardian. Lightweight, comfortable, full of wintry motifs, but not cold-resistant at all. Cardigan is a bit afraid of the cold, but in front of a bag of gifts and her favorite sled, the temperature stops seeming so important.
Sunny Day
Cardigan Skin 2.png
One of Cardigan's casual outfits.
As she jumps out the window and faces the sun, she can't help but believe that her future will be as bright as it is today.
EPOQUE Collection New Arrivals/Sunny Day. Cardigan's outfit when she had just arrived at a city in southern Leithanien. Skillfully tailored to fit a young girl's stature. Light, airy, and blooming with vitality.
Design of Strife (reach Level 35 in Cognitive Diving Evaluation)