Tutorial: LE-TR-2

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[A Battleworn Spire Caster moves in as Cardigan is deployed, diverting the Realigned Flux towards a crystal in front of her which stops it as the crystal starts to glow.]
<Game paused>
Cardigan Weird. It's like something in front's blocking the Realigned Flux.
Eyjafjalla That's alright. It's the Realigned Flux charging a "Resonator" with energy.
<The aforementioned crystal, now known as a Resonator, is highlighted> Just put the Resonator in contact with Realigned Flux for a while, and you'll activate the Resonator.
Once Operators are deployed on active Resonators, they'll get a new Realigned Flux originating from their position, without any connection to a "Tuba."
Cardigan Understood!
<Game unpaused>
[Cardigan stays where she is as the Resonator charges up, withstanding the Spire Caster's attacks when they stops close to her and recovers herself as necessary. Eventually the Resonator crystal shatters, allowing the Flux to pass through the now empty ground below it and charges up another Resonator nearby.]
<Game paused>
Melantha <The active Resonator is highlighted> First Resonator active! Let's keep it up, and minimize the impacts of the excess energy disturbance.
<Game unpaused>
[(The player deploys Melantha on the activated Resonator, facing up) Melantha engages the Spire Casters and barely survives even though Cardigan was forced to retreat from the Spire Caster's attacks – note that the Caster can attack two targets simultaneously, as well as emitting a second Flux towards another inactive Resonator ahead of her. The Resonator ahead of Melantha becomes active, (the player deploys Eyjafjalla or Steward there, facing right) and the deployed Caster emits another Flux to the inactive Resonator to their right, charging it up while fending off the incoming Street Layabouts. The Resonator ahead of the Caster becomes active, (the player deploys the other Caster there, facing down) and the other deployed Caster emits another Flux to the inactive Resonator below them as they assist in engaging the Layabouts. The Resonator below the other Caster becomes active, (the player deploys Adnachiel there, facing up) and Adnachiel assists the Casters in eliminating the last of the Layabouts as two Mass-Produced Colossi shows up. (The player activates Eyjafjalla's Volcano when the second Colossus is on a Flux) Fortunately, the Colossi are taken out before they can charge through Melantha.]