"Whiskey Kong"

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This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.
This enemy's name, description, and trait(s) are tentative translations which may not represent the official English localization and will be updated when Self-Driving Robot Arena is announced or released in the Global server of Arknights.

The "Whiskey Kong" is a boss enemy in the Stationary Security Service game mode of Arknights. It is the main boss of Self-Driving Robot Arena.

Enemy description
A "supreme ultimate self-driving robot" developed by the Whiskey Association with help from engineers, it has the amazing power of "being able to flatten ten beer cans at once". In compliance with the environmental protection agreement with the Acahuallans, the armor on its body is made of recycled beer cans. It was seen as the top contender for the championship of the tournament, but after the champagne that was supposedly opened after the finals seeped into its control chip, it went haywire after the match.


A crude yet hulking automaton created by the Durins' Whiskey Association for use in the Big Ultimate Ugly Thing Cup that went berserk thanks to a champagne-related "mishap", the Whiskey Kong boasts extremely high HP and DEF complimented by strong ATK and RES, making it a formidable foe. In addition, it has several abilities that can disable and decimate Operators, but can just as easily be turned against it.

  • The Whiskey Kong is immune to Stun, Freeze, Levitate, and Sleep. These immunities will be removed for 15 seconds if the Kong is caught in the explosion of Mead! Need more mead!, which will also Stun it and all surrounding enemies for 10 seconds.
  • Every time the Whiskey Kong attacks, its ATK is increased by 25%, which stacks additively up to 500% but will be completely reset if the Kong does not attack for 15 seconds.
  • 18 seconds after spawning and every 42 seconds after, the Whiskey Kong will target a friendly from anywhere on the map, wind-up for 6 seconds, and then throw a can at them, dealing Physical damage equal to 1.5× its ATK to the target and friendlies in the adjacent tiles, and Stunning the affected targets for 6 seconds.
  • Barreled Mead: Every time the Whiskey Kong loses 15% of its maximum HP, it will target the most recently deployed Operator from anywhere on the map and throw one of the namesake enemy on top of them.


Stationary Security Service On Top of Acahualla


HPATKDEFRESMov. speedAttack itvl.E-RESERST
0.7 tiles/sec.
4 sec.
Weight 6
Life Point penalty 3


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Levitate Tremble
Cross.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png