Event trivia: Stultifera Navis

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  • Stultifera Navis is the first yearly anniversary (CN)/second Thank-You Celebration (Global) event that runs for three weeks.
  • The name of this event's title is completely altered in the JP server. The CN server names it 愚人号 with 愚人 (yúrén) having a sense of stubbornness in a literal meaning (i.e., Alfonso's stubborn bravery). However, the JP server completely altered it to 狂人号 (kyoujingou), a.k.a., "ship of maniacs," since 愚人 (gujin) has a very derogatory meaning in Japanese.
    • As a result, the previous fandom translation in the JP community was 阿呆船 (aho fune), the Japanese name for the Stultifera Navis. The same goes to the KR community that refers to the event as 우인호(woo in ho) while the official one is the transliteration of the English title.
    • In the KR community, the players joked that the event name is 바보배 (babo bae) which roughly translates to Stupid/Fool Ship instead of its actual event name 우인호 (woo in ho).
  • Under the Stultifera Navis' event logo in the background is an engine order telegraph (a ship's engine speed request device) pointing at the last operation group that the player chose.
  • Stulfitera Navis is considered the hardest event by most players across all servers outside Contingency Contract due to its field mechanics. Due to its difficulties most players consider completing the event an actual achievement regardless whether the medals are completed or not.
  • Due to an oversight, Stulfitera Navis' operations do not appear on the table that shows up when the player chooses an upgrade material.
  • The rerun period of Stultifera Navis in Global server actually overlapped with the release of Pinch-Out Experimental Operation. Making it the first occasion in Global server where this happens.