Faction branches: Rhodes Island

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  • S.W.E.E.P.
  • Medical Department: Led by Kal'tsit, the Medical Department is responsible for much of R.I.'s medical activities, including studies and treatment. Warfarin, Sussurro, Ceylon and Gavial are some of the notable medical personnel.
  • Engineering Department: Led by Closure, the Engineering Department is responsible for maintaining Rhodes Island as well as acting as R.I.'s research and development (R&D) section. It also has a bio-engineering branch led by Weedy.
  • Convalescence Garden: A greenhouse managed by Lena with assistance from Podenco. The Garden also doubles as a psychiatric treatment center for some R.I. personnel with psychological disorders and mental illnesses, notably Nightmare. It appears that the Convalescence Garden works in tandem with the Medical Department.[1] Sometimes also called the Convalescent Garden due to localization inconsistencies. Other notable operators who frequents the garden are Flamebringer, Beanstalk, Suzuran, Verdant, and Weedy.
  • Library: As the name suggests, Rhodes Island library is where the Rhodes Island lent books to operators who needed it. Istina is one of its frequent visitor and Viviana often donates book the library to the point it almost overwhelmed the staffs.
  • Logistics: As the name suggests, Logistics are responsible for R.I.'s logistical management in all shapes and kinds and employs Messengers to act as their mailmen. Presumably, Logistics also encompasses management of Rhodes Island's farms, meaning certain combat Operators such as Bagpipe also contribute to Logistics.
  • Rhodes Island Kitchen: As the name suggests, the R.I. Kitchen runs the Rhodes Island cafeteria/mess hall. Among R.I. Operators working for the Kitchen includes Gummy and Matterhorn. R.I. Kitchen also has a conceptual outfit brand themed around Terra's culinary diversity.
  • Human Resource Department: Also known as the H.R. Department, it acts as it says on the name, managing the human resources of Rhodes Island. They're also responsible for the onboarding of R.I.'s new operators through recruitment and headhunting. The head of Human Resource Department is known as a Djall Sarkaz who was also in charge of Babel's Human Resource Department.