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1 July 2024

10 June 2024

28 July 2023

26 May 2023

25 May 2023

  • curprev 09:1109:11, 25 May 2023Nikitazero talk contribs 894 bytes +894 Created page with "{{Collectible infobox |name = {{subst:PAGENAME}} |no = 204 |rarity = rare |purchase = no |exchange = no |theme = Mizuki & Caerula Arbor}} The '''{{subst:PAGENAME}}''' is a Collectible in Mizuki & Caerula Arbor. {{Item description |-30 Light, when obtained, suppresses a designated Operator's Rejection |Burn it and your impurities shall be shunned, allowing you to remain a pure human being. Praise the flame.}} ==Effect==..."