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The Drill Plan is a gameplay element in Arknights.

Item description
A plan used for tactical drills. Use it on the operation interface to simulate a battle so you can make plans accordingly.

Haste makes waste. For Rhodes Island, every operation has the potential for a loss of life. Therefore, it is wise to drill before actual combat, long before we run into an enemy ambush.


Starting an operation with a Drill Plan won't consume Sanity, but no rewards will be given out.
—Loading screen tip
The operation start button's appearance for the Practice Mode

Rhodes Island sets combat drills for their Operators so that the Doctor can adjust their strategy to ensure victory and minimize casualties during the actual operation.

As the quote suggests, one Drill Plan can be used to enter an operation in Practice Mode, which does not consume Sanity but does not yield any reward. Furthermore, practice runs do not count towards mission progress nor Support Unit usage for gaining Credit.png Credit. They are intended to give the player a way to gather information, plan their squad lineup, and tune their deployment orders before spending Sanity to actually run the operation.

As a general rule of thumb, any stage with a Sanity cost will be eligible for Practice Mode, except for Annihilation stages. Examples of stages that cannot be run in Practice Mode include tutorial stages, stages in Sanity-free events such as Contingency Contract, Integrated Strategies, and Reclamation Algorithm, and free stages such as 6-17.

The Challenge Mode of an operation costs three Drill Plans instead of one to run its Practice Mode.

There are 30 Drill Plans available, which are replenished daily. Practice Mode can also be used for casual runs or demonstration purposes (e.g. RNG-heavy showcases).


  • Even though Drill Plans have their own item artwork and description as shown at the top of this page, it is not possible to actually view them in-game.
    • See also Event Crystals, whose item artwork and description have limited accessibility in-game.
  • Even though some of the Heart of Surging Flame side story missions cost no Sanity, they are eligible for Practice Mode. This is because they previously awarded tickets that could spent to play other operations from the event, but since they do not award anything anymore, their cost has been set to zero, making the drill option redundant.
  • It was previously possible to run an Auto Deploy in Practice Mode by pressing both the Drill and Start buttons simultaneously, which was especially difficult in emulators. This quirk has been fixed as of the Lingering Echoes update; pressing both buttons will result in the Auto Deploy running as normal.