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An Arts Creation in the shape of an enormous mechanical teddy bear acting as a deterrent towards uninvited guests to the Crimson Troupe's castle headquarters, the Big Sad Lock was the Troupe Mouthpiece's magnum opus, even though many within the Troupe sees it as a "crude" construct due to its nature. It is humongous and durable on top of slowly repairing the damage it receives and constantly summons reinforcements as well as inflicting mass destruction with its attacks and shockwaves released in self-defense. The Lock can also periodically surround itself in a barrier which absorbs incoming damage and allow it to summon more reinforcements in addition to hastening their movement.

This is what the Troupe apprentice whose spirit animates the Big Sad Lock looks like

In a horrifying twist, the Big Sad Lock is animated by the spirit of a young Ursus apprentice of the Troupe. His clumsy creations were looked down upon by the other Troupe members as well as the Troupe's senior members, driving him into a deep despair[1] and he attempted to resign,[2] but were not permitted. The young apprentice eventually committed suicide by jumping off a tower,[3][4] but even death could not free him from the Troupe's grasp; as a cruel punishment, his soul was placed into the Lock by the Mouthpiece and he is forced to dispose countless visitors to the castle against his will.[5]

When exploring the castle to rescue Phantom, the Rhodes Island team led by Shalem pieced together hints regarding the Big Sad Lock's true nature by recovering a teddy bear made in its likeness before confronting it at the deepest part of the castle. R.I. may also encounter the apprentice's spirit who hand him over his empty will before relieving his death; the will turns out to be crucial, as it somehow stops the Lock from repairing itself. Nevertheless, R.I. managed to destroy the Big Sad Lock, finally freeing the apprentice's spirit from the Troupe's shackles and allows him to rest in peace.


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