Trivia: Alchemaniac

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  • Her given name, which means "radiant", is generally used as a masculine name in Indonesian, leading to many in the Arknights community – especially Indonesian players – believing that alchemaniac is a male.
  • Like Namie, alchemaniac is known for her love towards her characters.
    • Interestingly, alchemaniac pulled Skadi – one of the Arknights characters she drew – very often when she tries to pull for Mostima, to the point she managed to max out Skadi's Potential.[1][2]
    • alchemaniac and Namie exchanged jabs between each other in Twitter/X which started when the former teasing that Goldenglow being a dog (since the community initially believed that she is a Perro, but turned out to be a Feline) and went on to both of them boasting that their respective characters (Mizuki and Skadi) being better than the other.[3]
  • Around early April 2023, a Twitter trend titled "#ActualSkadiArt" occurred in the EN community in response to a Twitter user's controversial and unauthorized usage of using Skadi's art in A.I. generator.[4]
    • The incident started when said user, TwilledWave, purposefully used A.I. generator for Skadi's fan artworks and even tagged alchemaniac for their "artworks" despite her stern warning of forbidding such usage. However, TwilledWave aggressively made several excuses such as stating they had the so-called "freedom of expression" and thus alchemaniac's accusation is invalid, or that hand-drawing is "old-fashioned." Worse of all, TwilledWave even attempted to get Hypergryph involved, stating that Skadi's copyright only belongs to them and not alchemaniac, and so they had the right to take down all the fan artworks.[5]
    • The EN community then retaliated in support for alchemaniac by posting their own Skadi's fan artworks. As a mockery, they also posted memes and comments to rebuke their unethical action.
    • Unfortunately, TwilledWave had disabled comment section in both their Twitter/X and even Bilibili accounts as of December 2023 to avoid further argument, hence the controversy gradually died down while the rest of the community left them alone as an Internet clown.